FEMALE-MALE EMPOWERMENT in Leadership - Burga Neckermann
Burga Neckermann - Sparring - Consulting - Speaking für Top Management und Leadership. The Female-Male Empowerment in Leadership
Burga Neckermann, Sparring, Consulting, Speaking, Top Management, Leadership
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Female-Male Empowerment in Leadership

By balancing the feminine and masculine forces
within us we unleash our power to move worlds –
within ourselves and with others.

Burga Neckermann. Female-Male Empowerment. Coaching Top Management
Executive Empowerment

Sparring and coaching for top management
and board members.

Balance and team strength
for the supervisory board.

Coaching Top Management
Burga Neckermann - Leadership Development - Leadership Empowerment
Leadership Empowerment

Strong new leadership –
Development programs for young executives.

Feminine-masculine empowerment for leaders –
Online & offline workshops for women and men.

Leadership Development
Corporate Transformation & Empowerment Portraitfoto
Corporate Empowerment

Feminine-masculine empowerment – Transformational power speaking and customized workshops for: Top Management. Experienced or young executives. Men, women or both. Teams.

Corporate Transformation

I will accompany you on your own personal journey towards genuine empowerment. This is a peaceful journey, a very human journey with levity and joy, a truly successful journey. Once we get there, my job is done.

The journey itself is a source of new strength, new solutions and lasting success.

True power without oppression or domination; solutions built on harmony;
collective intelligence and individual strength instead of conflict and fear. Putting potential into action, without burning out.

A strong company that creates and upholds lasting values, succeeds long term and protects resources – on all levels.

We achieve this when we acknowledge and activate both feminine and masculine qualities –
in ourselves, in others, on the supervisory board, in the leadership team, in the organization, in politics and in society.
This is the basis for higher-level solutions for the individual, the organization and society —
the basis for true success that naturally brings with it success and fulfilment for the individual.

Burga Neckermann Transformal Power Speaking

Transformational Power Speaking – JOURNEY TO THE NEW WORLD.

Emotion, inspiration, laughter, deep understanding.
The new world might be difficult for the intellect to grasp,
but our hearts remember.

Transformational Speaking

Number of leaders, individuals (and their stories) that I have supported – over the last 8 years alone.


My age when I was officially recognized by the Altherren-Stammtisch (weekly men’s roundtable) – and I loved it!


Number of years building and leading my business along with managing a home, husband and two children.


Number of times I have brought my feelings under control, adapted to the situation and then managed to break free of this pattern.