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Burga Neckermann: Diplom-Betriebswirtin (FH), Sparringspartnerin, Coach und Beraterin, Speaker. Female-Male Empowerment in Leadership. Für Top Management, Vorstände und junge Führungskräfte.
Coaching, Top Management, Female-Male, Empowerment, Leadership, Speaking, Corporate, Transformation, Time Out, Leaders, Top Management, Vorstände
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Global WINConference 2018 in Rome

NEW WAYS of living, working and leading!
Visit me in Rome at the Global Winconference 2018 26-28 September, Rome, Italy
A world-class pioneering 3+ day leadership learning for companies executives, managers, entrepreneurs and artists alike. It inspires possibilities, unequalled learning and mindful networking opportunities – all in a global, authentic and feminine way.

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