CORPORATE TRANSFORMATION - Power Speaking for top management
Burga Neckermann: Degree in Business Administration (Diplom-Betriebswirtin), Sparring Partner, Coach, Advisor, Speaker. Female-Male Empowerment in Leadership. For Leaders and Top Management.
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Corporate Transformation

Real leadership, real power and real compassion

– the new force in business

Corporate Transformation - The female Male Empowerment in Leadership

How can we successfully manage today’s challenges? Conflict, communication barriers, the challenge of integration across different generations and nationalities, employee attrition, high sickness rates along with declining performance, motivation and revenues.


No matter the challenge, a key to turning it around is to re-activate a company’s collective intelligence. This emerges when the natural order is restored on a very human level. Both women and men become conscious of – and confident in – their inherent power while, at the same time, appreciating that which is different. Executives no longer lead through downward pressure and dominance, but have the courage and the tools to let go of control and conventional power – to make room for natural authority and gently steer and encourage personal responsibility.

I know,

it is easier said

than done.

And for those still operating within this system, it is often difficult to believe that it works. I should know. For decades I had the “privilege” of experiencing the dominant power structures in organizational and family systems; I lived them and studied them before I began training myself and others to think and act differently. Today I can guide you and your company into the era of new leadership. A key factor here is being aware of true power and true leadership, which corresponds to the long-lost feminine way of doing things, while still encompassing and integrating masculine qualities.


The task is to bring these two back into balance in both men and women – to establish a corresponding leadership style and to restore the balance between feminine and masculine qualities in teams, regardless of the gender ratio.

What I offer:

The Female-Male


Transformational Power Speaking




  1. Top Management.
  2. Experienced or young executives.
  3. Men, women or both.


We’ll talk about the situation in your company, your concerns and your goals, and I’ll put together the right package for you.


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